Enviro Connexions transforme vos déchets en ressources précieuses.

We Turn your Waste into Valuable Resources.

At Enviro Connexions, we ensure intelligent waste management by implementing responsible practices such as:

  • converting waste into high-quality compost, renewable energy, and much more;
  • meticulously maintaining our facilities through close quality monitoring;
  • optimizing our processes through innovation and technology, such as biogas capture and robotization of sorting facilities;
  • raising community awareness of the right thing to do (such as reduce, reuse and recycle), as well as educating, through our Möbius program.

We are proud members of the Waste Connections Inc. family, which serves over six million customers in North America.

The Complexe Enviro Connexions, a Unique and Diversified Venue in the Greater Montreal.

Located in Terrebonne, the Complexe Enviro Connexions is one of the best integrated waste management companies in North America! It's also:

  • the largest engineered landfill site in Quebec, and the only one in the Greater Montreal area;
  • the largest composting platform for green waste;
  • the capture of over 95% of biogas from a network of more than 700 wells;
  • a renewable natural gas production plant with a capacity of 75 million m3 per year;
  • a waste disposal service for recycling and reclamation.

In short, a genuine environmental resort!

Le Complexe Enviro Connexions, situé dans le Grand Montréal.
Enviro Connexions, une entreprise citoyenne responsable.

We Are a Responsible Corporate Citizen.

At the Complexe Enviro Connexions engineered landfill site, we process some 1.2 million metric tons of materials annually, mainly from the municipalities of the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), safely and in full compliance with current environmental standards. We comply with strict regulations and continually improve our processes through innovation. Our vision? Environmental excellence through the protection of ecosystems, the creation of renewable energy, the enhancement of resources and the preservation of our community's quality of life.

Despite our size, our approach remains deeply community-based, in tune with our partner municipalities and the needs of their populations. Safety, integrity and respect are part of our cor values. Our commitment to a sustainable future is reflected not only in our day-to-day management, but also in the circular economy strategies we have been pursuing for several years.

Our Key Figures in Quebec:






including 3 new-generation sorting centers;


sorting robots

with a wide-spectrum;



of organic residues recovered annually;

Production of

renewable natural gas

equivalent to the energy needs of around 25,000 homes;




powered by renewable natural gas.

A Few Figures Across North America:


sorting facilities

to efficiently sort our customers' materials for recycling;



million tons recycled

including fibers, metals and plastics;



sorting robots

optimizing sorting across our facilities.

Enviro Connexions

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